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Recitation of Avesta after centuries in the Shahr Rey Agiyari.
چاپ ارسال به دوست
Behrooz Khalili   
After centuries Avesta was once again voiced in the Shahr Rey Agiyari. On  a  Friday afternoon(27th Feb 2009) we started our trip towards Shar Rey(A city near Tehran) alongwith Mobed Hangami and some friends in our small Renault car.

To our surprise the streets were crowded regarding the fact that Friday being a holiday the streets should have been less crowded, but still we were steadfast enough and continued with our trip till we reached Shar Rey.

Our aim was reaching the Agiyari but on the way we didn't find any road signs indicating this fact but still after going through and changing our path many times and questioning passerbys (most of them who weren't even familiar with its name) we were able to reach the place where the Agiyari had been situated.

From the distance the greatness and magnificence of the Agiyari which was related to the Sasanian dynasty,  stunned us for a while.

 The  splendid view was so escalating that we couldn't wait and started taking pictures and films till we reached the wooden bridge through which we had to pass to reach the hill where the Agiyari had been situated.

 Fortunately we were not the only visitors present some Russian students had also come with a tour guide who just knew that Agiyari is the holy place for prayers.

Since the area of the Agiyari and its surroundings were being used for excavation and repair purposes visitors only with a prior permission were allowed but still we were more importunate. Though the building was covered with protective equipment since the repair and excavation work was being undertaken but the two magnificient ceilings of the Agiyari could be seen displaying  its greatness and dignity . It gave us a great feeling , and at that moment we thought that with its present state the sight being so eyecatching,  then what greatness and magnificence would it have been having during the years at its best.

 The Jashan ceremony was performed  by Mobed Hangami with the heartwarming recitation  of the Avesta and prayers for the well being and health for all were also uttered (everything and everyone  being part of Asha are regarded to be of importance) .

At that moment everyone  even the guards  and the people who were present  all were effected by the mystic effects of the recitation  .

Lork(dryfuits) , special bread, fruits were served to the people present

and finally after completing the ceremony we had to  leave , a sense of something being left behind which being part of our own was deeply felt,  but still the thought that we had made the departed souls happy and that  the great culture of our ancestors  had been kept alive gave us the utmost comfort.

Hoping that good deeds be kept alive and goodness be with you.

Photo by Bahram Yazdani
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  Comments (42)
1. Written by natasha
very nice
2. Written by wow Thanks a lot
It was a nice & an exclusive report. Special thanks to the dear ones who carried out this act. 
"Kindness is a language the deaf can hear and the blind can read". This is what it's all about i mean this life, this is what our Prophet preached us to do & make this world a better place and inculcate in ourselves the sense of duty and respect and take care of the four elements :Fire,Earth,Air & Water.May we impart purity and the best qualities of Zoroastrianism.God bless you all.
3. Written by F.M
To select well among old things, is almost equal to inventing new ones. - Nicholas Charles Trublet 
God bless you all and hope that some tours will be organised for us the Zoroastrians to know some of the places that we don't know of being related to us and our ancestors.May be shahr rey or Ahvaz etc.
4. Written by Maneck Bhujwala
Thank you for sharing the pictures, and thank you for visiting and having Avesta prayers recited at our holy site in Iran. 
Maneck Bhujwala
5. Written by porchista
It touched our hearts just one day very soon we will pay openly and publicly whith huge ceromony... our respect to such a great cuture and our ancestor's faith which they have left for us all
6. Written by Dr. Parviz A. Koupai website
Great Idea, Great Pictures. Keep up the good work. PK
7. Written by nader
Zandeh va javeed basheed shoma pasdaraneh farhangeh iran zamin
8. Written by ARDAVAN RIVANI
9. Written by Eng. Behzad website
This is wonderful news, Ahora Mazda be withyou.  
great news and picture coverd,we hope to do it all over Iran one day 
Shad zi Mehrafzon 
Payandeh Iran varjavan. 
10. Written by Farshad Varahram website
با درود به نیک زنان و نیک مردان ایران زمین 
باشد که آتشکده های ایرانیان بار دیگر در سرزمینمان محل پیوند نیک کرداران و نیک پنداران باشد 
سیاهی و کژاندیشی از ایران زمین رانده و مهر و انساندوستی بر پهنه ایران زمین گسترده گردد 
از آن به دير مغانم عزيز مي دارند 
که آتشي که نميرد هميشه در دل ماست 
شادکامی و خرسندی روز افزون برایتان آرزومندیم 
فرشاد ورهرام 
استکهلم سوئد
11. Written by khorshed bhavnagri
Having lived in Tehran for 5 yrs, I have great love and affection for Iran and it's people. I met many lovely people there some of them Zoroastrians and I wish I had travelled the country and been to our holy places as well. 
Thank you for sharing.
12. Written by Dinyar Hodiwala website
It is heart-warming to read your detailed narrative regarding your pious trip to the Shahr Rey Agiyari. 
True credit goes to our Iranian Zarathusti community for having preserved our faith despite all odds and through centuries of suppression. May our Lord Ahura Mazda grant us the strength and wisdom to not only continue on the path of Asha but also to inculcate the values of true Zarathushti Religion in our children and our community.  
We appreciate your endeavors & thank you.
13. Written by Kairasp Daruwala
Thanks for sharing these pictures,Long live Zarathosties
14. Written by Nauzad
Great story and pix...
15. Written by absmin
Humata Hukta, Havarashtha! keep up the good work. 
Thanks for sharing these pics.
16. Written by Mayrose Mhow Sethna
The pics were religiously awsome & so pure. 
I hope that some day will able to tour this holy place. 
Thanxs for sharing the lovely pics & the story.
17. Written by keki B malegamwala
Absolutely wonderful and Great feeling to have performed at such a sacred place. God bless U all.
18. Written by Marzban B. Hodiwala
Great ! Thanks for sharing. 
There is only The God. 
All religions have something new to teach and will make one wiser. 
All things are mainly a logical conclusion of decisions and actions.
19. Written by Kerman P. Vesuna
I am in loss of words, the photographs are so beautiful & the whole experience of seeing the site is so touching. 
Blessed are those who go an opportunity to visit such an ancient agiary & actually recite the prayers. Dadar Ahura Mazda.
20. Written by Hormazdiar.P.Khan
So good of you to share these wonderful pictures. It throws light on the greatness and magnificiance of our great religion and culture, which was so prominent during the sasanian dynesty in Iran
21. Written by Behram Nagarwalla
Wonderful feeling,Renued my longing to visit my roots & home land,the beautiful pictures transends time,& the feeling that i am over 1300years old & need to go home comes to me.THANKS USHATHATE Behram
22. Written by cyrus rupa website
thanks for such rare pictures & text.as if i was there.perfect timeing &setting NAVROZE MUBARAK. 
23. Written by Nadir
It is heartwarming to connect , through the years, past the cultural differences to our common roots. 
Being a Parsi from India, I feel a strong connection to my fellow Zartoshtis in Iran . Although we are all so different, there is an important part in every Zartoshti's heart that is the same. 
This is the beauty of our faith. Particularly touching is that our faith is still alive in some hearts in Iran. 
Thank you and your group for doing this  
Ahura Mazda bless you all
24. Written by Adil N.Vesuvala
Thank you. Very interesting and soul stirring!
25. Written by Yury Jakymec
I feel very happy to see that Iranians are returning to their spiritual heritage. I hope more places in Iran will be able to listen to Avesta prayers and see again their ancient rituals that never died!  
Edun Baad!
26. Written by giieve palkhivala
Being a zorastrian am glad to read the forementioned article.Hope that the zorastrians return to the glory that our forefathers struggled to earn Right now we are to some extent in a state of decadence and quite a few of us wallow in the glory of our past.Lets ressurect our sucess stories through hard work and proper applications of sound zorastrian principles.Utsta te
27. Written by HUFRISH IRANI
28. Written by Keiky M Press
Very Nice Memories. Pl Forward other similar Zoroastrian pictures of dear Iran.
29. Written by RUSI MISTRY website
This was just so great to see that our ancient AVESTA PRAYERS were performed at this very holy site where our beloved forefathers once upon a time resided. VERY SPIRITUALLY UPLIFTING INDEED. Thanks so much for clicking these pics for the present and future generations to treasure and cherish. 
May Lord Ahura Mazda's and Asho Zarthost Spitmaan's blessings and protection be with all of us always. AMEN. 
Rusi Mistry, Mumbai.
30. Written by Goshtasb Meheraban Hamsayeh
I am delighted to learn that we now have access to one more holy site of our glorious religion.Need to make this site more publicised amongst Tehran's Zoarastrians,so that they can take their fellow zoarastrian vistors to this Holy site and add this site to various other Holy sites that we pilgrimage annually.
31. Written by Rohinton Bhamgara
how very fortunate of you to have visited this lovely place, may the day come when it is fully restored to it old glory &  
may many of us get a chance to pay our homage there, can I get more details of this place as per the location etc so that my tour when it hapens can include such ancient & important sites, thanks. 
32. Written by Daisy Wadia
Thank you for sharing. Must have been a spiritually moving experience. Someday I wish to visit Iran and all the ancient Zoroastiran sites. 
Ushta te!
33. Written by yasmin doctor
Whatever the cynics say we will never die out - how fascinating to perform after so many years. Let us reflect on the fact that after millions of years we are able to recite the prayers at the same spot. Let us rejoice in the fact that our children and their children will be doing the same and let us unite ourselves so that we can continue the heritage.
34. Written by Meherwan D.Mehta
As an Indian Parsi, I too had visited the Shar Rey Agiari , near Tehran, during a tour of Iran in October 2008. It is wonderful to note that Zoroastrianism is alive and vibrant in the land of it's origin.May Ahura Mazda bless the people there, and may they continue to strive to regain the cultural, spiritual and ethnic identity of the past which we are told was gloriuos and resplendent.
35. Written by Noshir Shroff
It was a good feeling to know that Zorastrians in Iran are alive and steeped in their rich culture and heritage. Ahura Mazda bless them. May our tribe grow.
36. Written by BEHRAM TAFTI
It was a spiritual experience to see these wonderful pictures, truly fascinating.Thanks for sharing them. I hope that someday I too can visit this holy site. May our tribe grow.  
37. Written by Rukhsana Moos
Truly spiritual and although I was there for 6 yrs. never got the opportunity to visit this site. May Ahura Mazda\'s Blessings continue to be showered on all and thanks for those who have given us this insight.
38. Written by Nergish Madon
Wonderful. Thank you for sharing.
39. Written by Freni Chinoy
Thank you for sharing your very special trip to Shahr Rey Agiyari. What caught me most was that the Jashan ceremony and prayers performed by Mobed Hangami "with the heartwarming recitation of the Avesta and prayers for the well being and health for all were also uttered (everything and everyone being part of Asha are regarded to be of importance)" . That is how I was brought up by my mother as a Zoroastrian Parsi in the middle of the bush in Africa - after our evening prayers we would say that we wanted the wellbeing of all beings and including oneself. I am very pleased that this very special message was transmitted by a group of dedicated Zoroastrians from a very special ancient Agiyari. I live in the UK now and was very pleased to receive this in English so a lot of people can be included throughout the world.
40. Written by Jasmine D Driver
Thanks for sharing the info and pixs on Zoroastrianism
41. Written by Delnaaz Panthaki
Thank you for enlightening us with your knowledge .Must have been a spiritually moving experience. I am looking forward to the day that i will be able to travel and visit the holy ancient Zoroastrian sites and the beautiful landscape.
42. Written by Parvez Kathawala
Thanks for giving us nice information about Iran with nice pix.

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